We offer simple, yet powerful tools to
help you do better in any negotiation.

The Negotiation Canvas is the most efficient and effective
way to prepare for your next negotiation. With 25+ years of
experience, we’ve developed a system that works.

Become an expert negotiator.

Great negotiators are not born, they are created. Our mission is to train you to become a expert negotiator. With simple tools and a straight-forward process, we can teach you how to improve performance on any deal.

Make better deals.

70% of the success of a negotiation is in the preparation. The Canvas is the most efficient and effective way to prepare and conduct any negotiation and strengthen relationships in the process.

Learn one proven method.

Learn one step-by-step process to take you through every negotiation, whether simple or complex. For companies, a common language and repeatable process is the secret to success.

Increase your confidence.

We take the fear out of negotiation and improve your confidence. Our tools and methods help ensure you are well prepared and know what to do at each step of the deal.

Leverage advanced tools.

For high-stakes deals, you’ll want our advanced tools. We have created a set of advanced tools that help you go deeper into any field of the Negotiation Canvas.

Improve team performance with our corporate services.


Jean Daniel Gervais

Jean-Daniel Gervais

Vice President of Sales, Keurig Canada

“The Negotiation Canvas allows us to identify more value for both parties, make better deals and build stronger relationships with the world’s biggest retailers.”

Michelle Buck

Michelle L. Buck

Clinical Professor, Kellogg School of Management

“Negotiation by Design distills complex negotiation theory into practical, powerful tools. A brilliant way to make sure what is taught in class is used back in the office!”

Tracey York

Tracey York

VP, Global Talent Management, Berry Corporation

“The Negotiation Canvas works across cultures and gives our team one consistent way to perform better on all our negotiations.”

Ronen Tal

Home buyer, Toronto, Canada

“Using the techniques from Prof. Restrepo´s class, we were able to buy our dream home well within our budget in a really tough housing market.”

Kevin Jaeho Kim

Director, Adidas

“When I made the decision to take a negotiation course from Professor Pablo Restrepo, I did not realize I was making a choice that would influence every moment of my life. The course was more than just learning negotiation tactics.”

Anil Kumar

SVP, Automation & Innovation, Citi

“In my productivity and innovation role, negotiation happens at every step and I am glad to have the Negotiation Canvas to help me identify more value and expand the pie.”


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